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Vienna Blood

Libretto by Victor LEON, Leo STEIN, translation to Lithuanian: dialogues by Antanas GAILIUS, lyrics by Eduardas ASTRAMSKAS


Operetta in 3 acts


Premiere: 29th March, 2008, Klaipėda 

Duration: 2 h. 30 min.


To love, but not to fight – refined, stylistic and witty

Klaipeda Musical Theatre`s “Vienna Blood”, operetta by Johann Strauss, is a performance often staged in theatres all over the world.

It does not only call “to love, but not to fight” (which was chosen as a slogan in 1814 autumn by the Vienna Congress and operetta participants), but it enriches the atmosphere of opera feelings and passion with good manners, style, and originality.
The expectation that this premier will become an extraordinary theatre event has been granted by the directors and the artists of the play.

Ball at Savoy

Libretto by Alfred GRIÜNWALD, Fritz LÖHNER-BEDA


Operetta in 3 acts

It is performed by arrangement with “Octava Music Australia” Pty. Ltd.


Ball at the Savoy is an extraordinary one – it takes place only once a year. Ladies and gentlemen, hungry for scandalous news gather in Nice. Every year the editorial office of “Figaro” gives prize ¬– an expensive painting - for the biggest sensation of the ball. Who will win it this time? Maybe Daisy who will avow that she is the famous musician Jose Pasodoble? Or maybe Madeleine who will tell that she, marquise Madeleine de Faublas, the niece of cardinal, the cousin of president, the wife of marquis Aristide, has just betrayed her husband?

The Bat

Operetta in 3 acts

Libretto by Carl HAFFNER, Richard GENEE, Nikolaj ERDMAN, translation to Lithuanian by Antanas DRILINGA


"The Bat" – the unsurpassable Vienna operette classique

XVIII century Vienna is the city of theatres. „If a theatre had not existed, the Austrians would have invented one“, says theatre critic H. Laube (1806-1864).

The word operette appeared for the first time in mid of the 18 century as a short comedy accompanied by music and songs; but only due to Mr. Strauss it became „an easy, jolly, optimistic, nicely-costumed and brightly sounding musical comedy.“

Mister X (The Circus Princess)
Operetta in 2 parts and 3 acts

Operetta by Alfred Grünwald and Julius Brammer
Music by Emmerich (Imre) Kalman
Libretto adaptation by Ruta Bunikytė
Translated into Lithuanian by Vytautas Virganavičius Jr.

Presented by arrangement with OCTAVA MUSIC AUSTRALIA PTY LTD